What are CPR Command System Boards?

Mark Sawdon created a predetermined, systematic approach to delivering a cardiac arrest resuscitation. The CPR Command System is built on the solid foundation of evidence based medicine brought to us by the American Heart Association and is a crew resource management tool to be used during training or an actual event.


There are 3 Boards, what's the Difference?

EME has designed the Public Access Board, Pre-Hosptial Board, and Crash Cart Board. Each is designed for it's own stage of handling a cardiac arrest victim, starting with the public access board at the scene and finishing at the hospital.


Is the CPR Command System Currently used Professionally?

Yes! The CPR Command System is the current protocol used during all cardiac arrests at Skagit Valley Hospital located in Arlington, WA! EME is currently working on getting more organizations, locally and nationally, to integrate the boards into their operations and get staff properly trained on using them.


How do I get myself, or my Organization Certified to use the Boards?

EME requires training and certification on the methodology of the CPR Command System and how to best use the boards in live scenarios. Mark is doing this training at several locations including hospitals, fire departments, and surgery centers. Click below to inquire about single classes, quotes, or organization contracts